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Updated: Oct 20, 2023

NDMP Backups are special backups, where we will backup NAS Volumes directly to TSM.  NOTE: We are using the shared tape drives for both NAS and Normal backups. So no need to define a new tape library. 1. Define a NAS device class def devclass NASCLASS devtype=nas library=3584 mountretention=0 mountlimit=drives estcapacity=2560000M 2. Defining the Storage pools along with TOC pool(disk) define stgpool NDMP_POOL_PRI NASCLASS dataformat=netappdump maxscratch=300 define stgpool NDMP_POOL_copy NASCLASS dataformat=netappdump maxscratch=300 po=co define stgpool TOCPOOL DISK desc=”Table of Contents pool for NAS NDMP Backups” 3. Define the disk volumes to TOCPOOL — Define vol stgpool_name volume_name f=no.of Mb 4. Defining the Domain, Policy set & management class define domain NAS_DO description=’Policy domain for NAS file servers’ define policyset NAS_DO NAS_PO define mgmtclass NAS_DO NAS_PO NAS_MC assign defmgmtclass NAS_DO NAS_PO NAS_MC define copygroup NAS_DO NAS_PO NAS_MC STANDARD destination=NDMP_POOL_PRI vere=nol verd=nol rete=30 reto=30 TOCD=TOCPOOL activate policyset NAS_DO NAS_PO 5. Registering the NAS Node reg n nasfiler nasjfiler dom=NAS_DO type=nas 6. defining the Datamover Before defining the datamover, we need to take datamover userid, password and ip address. define datamover nasfiler type=nas hladdress=ip_address  lladdress=10000 userid=datamover_userid password=passwd hloo dataformat=netappdump 7. Defining the Datamover paths. Before defining the Datamover paths we need to request the following details to NAS team. sysconfig -m sysconfig -t storage show tape once we got those details, we need to validate and pull the device names according to the drive name. def path NASFILER Drive1 srctype=datamover desttype=drive library=3584 device=rst0l(Device name) online=yes def path NASFILER Drive2 srctype=datamover desttype=drive library=3584 device=rst1l(Device name) online=yes def path NASFILER Drive3 srctype=datamover desttype=drive library=3584 device=rst2l(Device name) online=yes def path NASFILER Drive4 srctype=datamover desttype=drive library=3584 device=rst3l(Device name) online=yes def path NASFILER Drive5 srctype=datamover desttype=drive library=3584 device=rst4l(Device name) online=yes def path NASFILER Drive6 srctype=datamover desttype=drive library=3584 device=rst5l(Device name) online=yes 8. Once all the configuration is done we can test the NDMP Backup backup node node_name volumename(optional) toc=yes mode=full/diff


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