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Tivoli Storage Manager Database

Updated: Oct 20, 2023

Tivoli Storage Manager saves information in the Tivoli Storage Manager database about each file, volume, or database that it backs up, archives, or migrates. This information includes the file name, file size, management class, copy group, location of the files in Tivoli Storage Manager server storage, and all other information except for the data. Data is stored in a storage pool.

Maximum Supported DB size till TSM v5.5 is 530GB, but in real practice it is around 300 GB.

Maximum Supported DB size gradually increased from TSM v6.1 onwards. Refer the below list.

  1. For V6.1 servers, 1 TB

  2. For V6.2 servers, 2 TB

  3. For V6.3 servers, 4 TB

  4. For V7.1 servers, 4 TB


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